Center Staff

Center Director: Jessica Joiner

Center Director - Jessica Joiner

The Center Director is responsible for all aspects of the center including:

  • Human Resource Director: Kathy Holloway
  • Director of Admissions, Business & Community: Helyse Sina Turner
  • Administrative Assistant: Jill Erekson

Deputy Center Director: Todd Markham

Deputy Center Director, Todd Markham

The Deputy Center Director manages:

  • Social Development Director: Scott Pattison
  • Campus Safety Manager: William Thurman
  • Center Standards Manager: Mark Mansell
  • Wellness Services Administrator: Tara Ogden 
  • Student Services Director: Jacque Snell

Career Technical Training Director & High School Principal: Joshua Bell

Career Technical Training Director and High School Principal, Joshua Bell

The Career Technical Training Director manages:

  • Construction Trades Manager: Russ Johns
  • Service Trades Manager: Kent Jones
  • Information Technology Manager: Jennifer Johnson

The High School Principal manages:

  • Academic Programs Manager: Randle Anderson
  • Academic Programs Manager: Danielle Pedersen

Social Development Director: Scott Pattison

Social Development Director, Scott Pattison

The Social Development Director manages:

  • Recreation Manager: Stacey Ellingsworth
  • Residential Managers:
    Unit 1: Amy Closen
    Unit 2: Spencer Egan
    Unit 3: Scott Walker
    Unit 4: Janice Johnson

Student Services Director: Jacque Snell

Student Services Director - Jacque Snell

The Student Services Director manages:

  • Career Preparation Manager: Elaine Walton
  • Counseling Manager: Katherine Hammer 
  • Student Records Manager: Carolyn Anderson
  • Student Leadership Coordinator: Charlie Lovatt

Finance and Administrative Director: Dave Magdiel

Finance and Administrative Director - Rod Stanger

The Finance and Administrative Director manages:

  • Accounting Manager: Stormy Meldrum
  • Facility Maintenance Manager: Mike Bird
  • Food Services Manager: Bill Abrams
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) Manager: John Bush
  • Property Manager: Sterling Yeaman

Director of Admissions, Business & Community:
Helyse Sina Turner

Director of Admissions, Business and Community - Helyse Sina Turner

The Director of Admissions, Business & Community manages:

  • Department of the Business & Community Liaison: Lisa Spencer
  • Admissions Department
  • Work-based Learning Coordinators
  • Career Transition Manager: Aida Valencia

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