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Josiah Moore

Tired of bouncing from one job to the next and tired of the effect that it had on his living situation and life in general, Josiah Moore came to Clearfield Job Corps from Denver, Colorado at the age of twenty. He had friends that were successful a... Read More

I will forever be grateful to Job Corps.

Monique Williams Jordan

With a pinch of passion, a sprinkle of creativity and a generous amount of determination, "Chef Moe," Monique Williams, has turned her culinary aspirations into a recipe for success.

Her journey began as a culinary arts student at W... Read More

Job Corps gave me an affirmation that I could do something with my life.

Judge Sergio A. Gutierrez

Job Corps' motto is "Success Lasts a Lifetime" and nowhere is this more evident than in the story of Idaho Court of Appeals Chief Judge Sergio Gutierrez, who received his GED and studied carpentry at the Wolf Creek Job Corps Center in the early 19... Read More

I will remember every project during my time at job corps because I know it impacted someone.

Troy Carter

Like many Job Corps graduates, Troy Carter began his life in a low-income neighborhood with nothing but a dream of music industry success and a drive to make it happen. After struggling to balance his education with a budding music career, Carter ... Read More

Brice Burke

Brice is originally from Washington State where he was raised by his mother, a single parent. He was bored in school and started using drugs as an escape. Brice Burke took it upon himself to enroll in Job Corps and get his life together and headed... Read More

Anita Anfo

At twenty-two, Anita Anfo left her job in Los Angeles California to attend Clearfield Job Corps. She decided she wanted to do more with her life than her job had to offer her. It just wasn’t going to take her down the road she wanted to take.

... Read More

Kyle Decker

I attended the Clearfield Job Corps program from April 18, 1995, to December 14, 1996.

I graduated as a completer of the Printing/Graphic Arts Program. I also completed 3 quarters at Salt Lake Community College. After leaving the program... Read More