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Brice Burke

Brice is originally from Washington State where he was raised by his mother, a single parent. He was bored in school and started using drugs as an escape. Brice Burke took it upon himself to enroll in Job Corps and get his life together and headed... Read More

Kyle Decker

I attended the Clearfield Job Corps program from April 18, 1995, to December 14, 1996.

I graduated as a completer of the Printing/Graphic Arts Program. I also completed 3 quarters at Salt Lake Community College. After leaving the program... Read More

Anita Anfo

At twenty-two, Anita Anfo left her job in Los Angeles California to attend Clearfield Job Corps. She decided she wanted to do more with her life than her job had to offer her. It just wasn’t going to take her down the road she wanted to take.

... Read More

Josiah Moore

Tired of bouncing from one job to the next and tired of the effect that it had on his living situation and life in general, Josiah Moore came to Clearfield Job Corps from Denver, Colorado at the age of twenty. He had friends that were successful a... Read More

My options were very limited without a degree. I learned about Job Corps and figured, 'What do I have to lose?'

Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker moved a number of times in his life, but the most important move was for Job Corps. Matthew spent most of his childhood in Sitka, Alaska, where he first developed an interest in computers. He was able to pursue this interest in high... Read More

A work ethic was instilled in me at Job Corps. It made me appreciate the experiences that came after.

Lydia Mata

Lydia Mata discovered Job Corps in 1995 while driving by a billboard in Fresno, Calif. The single, teenage mother had, as she puts it, “limited options for finding a job and no means of paying for school.” Knowing she had a responsibility to her s... Read More

I wanted a job to support myself but needed skills. Job Corps was great, especially because it's free.

Raja Arsian

Raja Arsian enrolled at Potomac Job Corps Center in Sept. 2013, only a year after immigrating to the United States. A native of Pakistan, Raja was working a series of customer service jobs, unhappy with his hours and unsatisfied with his career pa... Read More