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Automotive and Machine Repair
Graduated From: Wind River
Current Employer: FedEx Freight
Advice to future JC Students:

"Do as much as you can while at Job Corps. It’s a gift."

Lisaira never let traditional gender roles define her. She grew up helping her dad work with trucks and racehorses, bull riding with her siblings and cousins, and wrestling on her high school team.

Lisaira and her brother, Abel, didn’t finish high school but soon realized they needed to take a more serious look at their futures. Her high school counselor told Lisaira about Job Corps’ free career training and that she could earn her high school diploma while enrolled. Both she and her brother decided to enroll at Wind River Job Corps Center.

While at Job Corps, Lisaira completed her high school education, graduated from the Heavy Construction Equipment Mechanic and Heavy Truck Driving programs, and passed the Commercial Driver’s License exam.

“We can’t wait around for life to come to us. We have to go get it.”

Lisaira was one of two students chosen to give a commencement speech at graduation. This honor was based on her success as a dual-training graduate.

This is not to say all was easy for Lisaira. She was frustrated learning to shift in the big tractors. Nerves got the best of her on her first attempt at the CDL exam and again during one of many job interviews, including the interview for the job she wanted most. As difficult as the interview was, she landed the job.